Raise on tariffs for Chinese exports could affect local farmers

Many unpredictable factors to farming
Raise on tariffs for Chinese exports could affect local farmers

For farmer, John Hutto, the raise on tariffs for Chinese exports will hurt the agricultural community.

“In agriculture, we feel like we ‘ ve probably been disproportionally hurt because we are one of the large exporters, one of the few large exporters, while we import a broad base of things from china.”

Hutto does not know if he can continue to expand his business, not knowing if China is lost as a customer.

“In an environment where our future, our build of export soybeans, is really in question here … is China going to come back as a customer or have we lost them for good?”

in Girard, Kansas, the Producers Cooperation Association, helps farmers get the supplies they need.

General manager, Brice Elnicki, says they are not sure what is going to happen.

“We really don ‘ t know what ‘ s going to happen. It ‘ s probably not going to be a good thing for agriculture, specifically grains because that ‘ s one big export that we have to China”

The affect that the raise on tariffs will have on local farmers could be big.

“In this area agriculture is a giant economic force, I mean that ‘ s where a lot of people make their living and when you have lower prices, there ‘ s just less money there so farm income comes down, and you have people looking for other sources of revenue.”

Elnicki says there are m any factors that are unpredictable when it comes to farming and that farmers can only do what is best for them.

“You have weather, you have trade and you have supply and demand, those three things nobody knows what they ‘ re going to be like, so you can ‘ t outguess it, try not to, and try to make the best decision you can and hopefully one that ‘ s profitable for the farmer.”

Another major issue for farmers is an over production of crops, specifically beans.