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Temperatures plan on staying in check once again

Good Wednesday morning, everyone. After a Tuesday that started mild and ended on a warm note, we’re set to repeat that once again for today. Breaking down the weather setup below, our stationary front is still draped across the area. That will help focus additional scattered rain and t-storm chances for today. We also notice a developing cold front to the north of the area. While it may look like that will head our way for Thursday and Friday, we’ll actually have another cold front develop to the west of our stationary front and stick with us as we head into the start of the weekend.


Not only do we have the surface setup looking good for us, the upper levels still have a favorable setup over us as well. The jet stream continues to sit in a northwest flow on top of us and is still keeping the summer heat and the upper-level ridge to our southwest. We do note another developing upper-level low out in Wyoming and Nebraska. That will be a key player in keeping rain chances in the forecast for the next few days.


While we saw a little bit of a lull in our rain chances overnight, we’ll have rain chances ramp back up with the upper low starting to influence our weather. While it wouldn’t hurt to have the rain gear handy for Wednesday morning, we’ll definitely recommend it for the afternoon ahead of us. With the breaks in between rain chances and pockets of sun, we’ll have temperatures go from the lower 70s this morning to about 80 by lunchtime.


Heading into the afternoon, we’ll see highs top out in the middle 80s as we bounce between dry time with the cloud cover and scattered rain and t-storms in action once again. Like the past few days, we’re not expecting anything strong or severe. However, pockets of moderate to heavy rain are in the cards once again.


Heading into this evening and Thursday morning, we’ll have a little lull in the rain chances as lows drop back into the lower 70s. However, an upper-level wave will start to work in as the AM drive gets underway. We’re expecting some scattered showers around sunrise as we start mild on our Thursday morning.


With the upper-level wave spinning across the state of Missouri on Thursday, we’ll stick with mostly cloudy skies and scattered rain and t-storms keeping afternoon highs warm in the middle 80s.


Here’s a broader view of the upper-level wave heading our way for Thursday. This will keep scattered rain and t-storm chances in the forecast for Thursday and Friday as the weekend gets underway.


In terms of additional rainfall on the way through Friday with this wave, the area is fair game to see an additional half inch to 2 inches in general. We’ll need to watch where the heavier pockets of rain will develop and track. That could lead to some spots seeing an additional 3 inches by the time we head into Friday afternoon.


Even with partly sunny skies and some scattered t-storms possible for Friday, temperatures are looking great with lows in the middle 60s and highs only pushing up to 80. For Saturday and Sunday, the upper low will start to meander across the Mississippi River and northern parts of Illinois. While that takes the bulk of the rain chances to the north, the northwest flow of the jet will keep a chance for a few isolated t-storms in the forecast for Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures look great for these two days with lower 80s for Saturday and middle 80s for Sunday.


Once we get past a few more isolated t-storm chances on Monday, the upper low will start heading into the Great Lakes on Tuesday. That will give us a dry Tuesday with partly sunny skies, lows in the middle 60s and highs in the middle 80s.


Even though we stay warm through next Tuesday, we’ll start to see the upper-level ridge and the warmer side of the jet start heading back in our direction. That will start to bring the summer heat back in for the middle and latter part of next week. For a look at how the month of August is shaping up, Doug has you covered with his long range forecast below.

Have a great Wednesday!


Long range forecast through August:

Next Wednesday-Saturday: Back to the heat for Wednesday and Thursday with another front trying to get in by Friday with thunderstorm chances.

August 9th-15th:  Most of the week on the hot side with pop up storms from Tuesday through Friday.  Temperatures back off just a bit for the weekend.

August 16th-22nd:  A hot start, but most of the week warm with hot temperatures returning late in the week.  Chances for scattered storms on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Saturday.

August 23rd-29th:  A warm start to the week but most of the week on the hot side.  Isolated storms on Sunday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.