Railroad crossing gate problem causes traffic delays and is safety concern

Some travelers along Highway 69 near Riverton today waited for more than an hour to cross a set of railroad tracks due to a failed signal component.

This is not the first time this has happened.

The crossing gates come down but a train nowhere in sight.

The sheriff’s department later assisted motorist through the signal.

One or two trains pass through the location each day but if residents take the risk and cross while the crossing gates are down there could be trouble.

“If, in fact, someone decided to go around and down gate for whatever reason they felt it was safe or whatever, one it’s illegal by federal and state law, and number two if their car became encompass on the tracks they are at very high risk of being seriously injured or killed,” says Gary Vaughn, an Executive Board Member of Operation Lifesaver.

Crews were able to fix the problem.

The owners of the railway say if you believe there’s a problem you can call the number posted at the railroad track or your local police.