Quapaw, Wyandotte to meet in 2nd annual “Native American Game”

The two teams will wear special jerseys Friday night, featuring the colors of each tribe.

QUAPAW, Okla. – The Quapaw Wildcats will host their second annual “Native American Game” on Friday

It’s a game, and a night celebrating the Quapaw Tribe.

“We’re trying to promote the Quapaw Nation and what they’ve done for the school district and our program,” says Quapaw head coach Chris Cawyer, “It’s just one thing after another that they’ve done for us. We’re so blessed to have them help us and to be a part of this school system.”

The game started last year against Colcord.

This year it’s going to be Quapaw Nation versus Wyandotte Nation.

“When we got our district alignments from the OSSAA, Wyandotte was our first district game,” Cawyer adds, “I thought right then, we’re going to get this set up so we can have two nations competing against each other, and they just loved it.”

“It’s a special thing,” says Wyandotte head coach Dylan Terry, “The players know the importance of it and what it means to our community and to the surrounding area.”

Both teams will be sporting special jerseys for the game, featuring the colors of each tribe.

“We’re doing our red, yellow and blue and they’re doing their grey and black,” Cawyer says.

“They’re pretty sick,” adds Wyandotte’s Cade Lofland, “They’re pretty cool. They’re still our school colors but they’re pretty cool-looking.”

Not only do the teams want to play well to represent the tribes. but Friday’s game is the district opener for both teams, and Quapaw’s first chance to play since their season opener in August.

Quapaw missed two games due to COVID-19 issues at the school, and had a scheduled week off last week.

“The kids are so excited,” Cawyer says of his team returning to the field, “They just love the opportunity to get out there and play again.”

“We really have to be on our stuff, prepare correctly and be ready to go,” Terry finishes, “They have good athletes, they have good linemen. They’re a solid team all the way around.”

Friday night’s game will begin at 7 PM.