Quapaw Public Schools to benefit from Governor Stitt’s ‘Learn Anywhere Oklahoma’ initiative

All public schools in Oklahoma will receive funds and statewide access to virtual learning materials
Quapaw Schools

QUAPAW, Okla. – Quapaw Public Schools found that 20-25 families struggled to access the internet in the spring when COVID-19 first affected schools.

“Rural Oklahoma, rural four-states, we are behind in internet ability, internet capacity, not just for students but families that live in the four-state area there’s several that’s hard to get internet access” said Superintendent for Quapaw Public Schools, David Carriger.

Which made things difficult when it came to virtual learning.

But Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt has released new details about the ‘Learn Anywhere Oklahoma’ initiative to provide statewide access to a variety of digital courses for students.

“We really haven’t been given too much guidance yet but we feel like it’s going to be good for us, we were looking at going with this edmentum pathway for our students anyways for some online classes” added Carriger.

The initiative will use the Governor’s emergency education relief fund with $12,000,000 designated to the online content purchased through a program called Edmentum.

Governor Stitt said in his release that “It will allow schools to safely serve families with at-risk members, and should an outbreak occur, it can be used to continue remote learning.”

For Quapaw Schools, their distance learning option is being looked at by 40-45 students so far out of the 575 student body in the district.
“Being able to have some of the hot spots from the state and now having the edmentum will hopefully alleviate some of the concerns we may have had at the beginning of the school year” said Carriger.

And with that initiative, public schools have also been given specific funds to help provide the virtual instruction, or access to it to K-12th graders.

Quapaw is receiving $10,000.

“This just helps us allocate some recourses in other areas were going to need. Currently we’re trying to get masks and gloves and cleaning supplies to try and give our kids and staff safety through this COVID period and that money has to come from somewhere and it’s usually our general funds because we have to have those supplies, so any type of extra funding that comes in that’s just going to help us be able to do more for our kids” added Carriger.

Miami Public Schools are also receiving $20,000 through the initiative.

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