Quapaw High School holds graduation ceremony for class of 2020

Original graduation was supposed to happen on May 15th.
Chloe White Walks Across The Stage During The 2020 Quapaw Graduation Ceremony

QUAPAW, Okla. – The community came together tonight in Quapaw to celebrate the accomplishments of the class of 2020.

They had a full-fledged graduation ceremony on the football field (so families could social distance) for the 25 members of the class of 2020.

All of our seniors in the four-states have missed quite a bit during their senior year, so they were happy to finally walk across the stage and celebrate with their friends and family.

“I’ve definitely been looking forward to it. I’m ready to start the next chapter, that is a hundred percent sure,” says Tanner Daniels. “It’s a good thing to just be able to look back on all those memories and all those things that you have achieved over the four years.”

“It feels great, not gonna lie,” says Chloe White. “I can see all my friends, all my family’s here, and it just feels wonderful to actually be able to do this.”

“There was a lot of back and forth on whether we were gonna be able to do it or not. So I’m super pumped that we get to have this final ceremony for these, this senior class,” says Chloe’s mom Mariah Tyner.

“We’ve waited for this for a long time. She’s worked very very hard at it. She does have her disabilities, but she’s always worked through them,” says Laci Youngberg, Daphne Blunk’s mom. “So, we’re ready.”

Quapaw’s graduation ceremony was supposed to be held on May 15.

Congratulations to the Quapaw class of 2020, and all of our graduating seniors in the four-states!