Quapaw $3.5 million school bond passes

Quapaw 35 Million School Bond Passes
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Shall district issue bonds of $3,505,000.00 for renovation, repairs, and improvements within district?

  • Yes Winner 60.6%
  • No   39.4%
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QUAPAW, Okla. – Quapaw residents ok’d a $3.5 million school bond today. According to the school district, money will be used for:

  • constructing, equipping, repairing and remodeling school buildings,
  • acquiring school furniture, fixtures and equipment,
  • and acquiring and improving school sites.

The school bond would mean an annual tax for residents within the school district. The ballot does not lay out an amount for the tax. But according to Superintendent of Schools David Carriger, it would be about a 14 mill increase. For every $100 that you pay in property tax, he says you’ll see an increase of $1.66 per month.

(Article: Quapaw meeting March 29 on $3.5 million school bond)

According to the school, the bond election will include the following projects:

  • Roof Replacement at the Elementary School.
  • Safe Room at the Elementary School consisting of 2 classrooms, a music room and a small bank of restrooms. The portable classrooms will be removed. The tornado shelter will hold approximately 500 occupants.
  • Restroom renovation in the Student Center and adding a small set of restrooms at the Middle School.
  • Bleacher Addition on the north side of the Main Gymnasium. This will allow additional seating for music programs, assemblies and activities.

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