Pumpkin Carving brings together the Carl Junction community

It’s something that goes with Halloween as much as trick-or-treating.
Pumpkin carving has been a tradition for many families especially for a father and son in Carl Junction.
“Well about 13 years ago my father decided to buy 4 different pumpkins, and he was like, look at me I got I got 4 carved pumpkins. So I went and got 6 pumpkins,” said Chris Byler.
The rest is history. The father son duo turned the face off into a main attraction for residents in Carl Junction.
“Now here we are 14 years later with over 100 plus carved pumpkins,” added Chris.
The decade old tradition continues in Chris’s garage where plenty of pumpkins are waiting to be carved.
“When my son was growing up we use to carve one or two pumpkins and set them up. Years later we decided to go all out,” said Chris’s father Larry Byler.
The pumpkins are put on display outside Chris’s home on Halloween night.
Some who use to be viewers have now joined in on the fun.
“I just enjoy it, a lot of times for Halloween I’ll trick-or treat with my family but when we get here I will just stay here,” said Blaine Dye.
Once a family tradition now turned into much more and it doesn’t stop in this Carl Junction garage.
“I like to get the whole city involved and have everybody make one pumpkin bring it down to Main Street,” said Chris.
“You know it’s a lot of enjoyment, and a lot of is just the enjoyment of the kids,” said Larry.
The family invites you out Halloween night to see the pumpkins on display. It’s located at 102 North Arlington in Carl Junction – the home is next to the pizza hut.