Public Service Announcement Guidelines | FAQ

Koam 1920x1080 Public Service Announcement Guidelines Faq

The work of our not-for-profit clients is important to the quality of life here in the 4-States!

We welcome Public Service Announcements (PSAs) from not-for-profits and other community-minded organizations! These guidelines are intended to answer questions you may have.

Do I qualify for a PSA on the FOX 14 and KOAM-TV Group of Stations?

  • If your organization is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable organization then you qualify. You will need to provide a digital version of the IRS 501(c)(3) determination letter sent to
  • If your organization is a for-profit business supporting the efforts of a 501(c)(3) then you may At a minimum 100% of proceeds should support a charitable cause. Other restrictions may apply. Final determination is made by station personnel on a case-by-case basis.

How do I produce a broadcast-quality PSA for TV?

There are several ways to get a PSA on air:

  1. You can hire our excellent Production Department to produce your PSA.
  2. If you need video recorded on location with post-production, the fee is $150. Location video recording includes videographer, audio, B-Roll, etc. Post-production includes voice-over, full-screen graphics, music, sound effects, etc.
  3. If you do not need video recorded on location but only require post-production the fee is $75.
  4. Any spots and digital ads we produce can be provided to other media at no additional charge.
  5. There may be someone you know who can produce a broadcast-quality PSA.

Here are the specifications we require:

  1. 1920 x 1080 High Definition.
  2. mov. or mp4 file.
  3. If you are using music, graphics or video that you did not create or do not own you will need to provide a licensing use certificate from the author allowing the music, graphics or video to be used on broadcast television.
  4. You may have a PSA provided to your organization (usually through a download link to a share site) from your national group. We can tag it with your local information at no-charge.

 Is it true that my PSA will only air at 3:00 in the morning?

Yes it will likely air at 3:00 in the morning BUT it will also air at other times throughout our local news, mornings, middays, afternoons, early fringe, and, sometimes, even primetime. The stations can provide you with affidavits showing dates and times following the air schedule of the PSA and/or on a quarterly basis as requested.

 What are my costs for airing a PSA on FOX 14 and KOAM-TV?

  1. The actual air-time when your PSA airs is a no-charge in-kind donation from the stations.
  2. You may incur $75-to-$150 in production fees, but that will be all. (See above).

 What if I have a budget to air some of the PSAs?

That’s great! It means you can target the PSAs to air at certain, guaranteed times to reach specific audiences. We will also supplement your paid air schedule with no-charge in-kind PSA’s on the stations. To plan your paid schedule contact your Marketing Consultant. If you need a Marketing Consultant please email and we will contact you.

 *Please note: If you plan to purchase advertising on any other form of media (radio, newspaper, magazine, billboard, TV, cable, social media, etc.) then you must also purchase from our station group. We will not air no-charge in-kind announcements for campaigns which have a budget for advertising being used on other forms of media.

What lengths should my PSA be?

The industry standard is 30-seconds. The 30-second format allows plenty of time to get the important information out.  However, we urge you to also consider producing 20, 15, 10, and even 5 second PSAs. Using the shorter lengths will allow for more impressions, especially when the station has high demand for commercials, political advertisements and other paid content.

Are there restrictions as to what I can advertise in my PSA?

Yes. Due to the unique and changing laws of our federal government, the Federal Communications Commission and the varying laws and statues of the states of Oklahoma, Missouri and Kansas we are unable to air PSAs which promote raffles in general and the raffle or sale of firearms specifically. Other restrictions may also apply.

Is it possible to also advertise on digital and social media platforms? 

Yes. Along with your spot production we can also produce and air digital and social media ads that will be used as filler for un-sold inventory on the station’s digital platforms (website, apps, social media, etc).

 What if I have more Questions or Concerns? Please email and we’ll get back to you within one business day.