PSU’s newest nurses eager to fight COVID-19

Psu Nursing School Graduation Ceremony


PITTSBURG, Ks. – They may not have graduated in front of a packed auditorium because of COVID-19 precautions, but that wouldn’t take away from the special day of PSU’s newest class of nursing students.

In fact, the current pandemic has many of them all the more eager to get out there and save lives.

“Just the sheer amount people here that are graduating today shows me that we just have people who aren’t afraid and are able to get out there,” said graduate Cindy Miles.

“It is rewarding to be able get fresh out of the gates and into this pandemic and be able to help out,” said graduate Sierra Merando.

Not only will these nurses be a great help in the fight against the Coronavirus, they’re also helping a nation that’s dealing with a nursing shortage.

“I think it feels really good to be able to graduate and say that I’m going into a profession where we need people,” said Merando.

It took a lot of hard work for these nurses to get here, and the pandemic didn’t make things any easier.

“The whole virtual semester, when COVID hit our area, it was tough getting it going from being in person the whole time to going virtual,” said Merando.

But for some graduates like Cindy Miles, that virtual learning had a silver lining. That’s because she wants to pursue a career in telehealth.

“There was a lot of bureaucratic red tape involved with preventing telehealth from being something that was going forward, but I think at this point, they’ve realized just how useful it really is,” said Miles.

PSU’s nursing graduates included the first nurses to go through the new nurse practitioner residency program. It was made possible by a partnership between Pitt State and the Community Health Center of Southeast Kansas.