PSU Veterans Day Ceremony honors vets, educates sixth graders

Students learn the meaning behind Veterans Day

Charles Benner is 11 years old, in the sixth grade and wants to join the military.

“Getting the honor and being a part of the military and having that good feeling that you’re protecting your country.”

He along with his classmates listened to stories of how Veterans Day came to be during the Pittsburg State University annual Veterans Day Ceremony.

The ceremony included PSU R-O-T-C members to post the colors, Pittsburg Middle School choir and the Pittsburg High School encore.

Seeing the different divisions of military being honored at the ceremony, got Charles thinking of his own future serving his country.

“So now I know what they did kind of, and I can, depending on what I want to choose, have a little knowledge, background knowledge on what I want to do.”

The Veterans Day Ceremony not only honors veterans but educates students each year.

Major Kavan Stull was the keynote speaker at the ceremony. He served as an Army officer in the 1970s and is recently active in historical preservation of WWI veteran’s graves. He also does historical interpretation and wears an old WWI uniform as a tribute to that time, but he says the younger generation doesn’t always know what or who he is representing.

“I asked a boy scout what war do I represent? He said revolutionary war and that’s twice that I’ve heard that from a young student. He had to think a minute and after he said that he had said well maybe not that, but they just don’t get enough history.”

Stull says it’s important to continue remembering those that made that defining choice. So, it doesn’t get lost within generations to come.

“It’s important that kids know where they come from, they know the country’s history, the heroes of the past that established the freedom that they know today.”

Charles returned to school with his classmates but will remember this ceremony and why we honor our veterans.

“They put their lives on the line, and they could have died for us, to protect us.”

After the Veterans Day ceremony was Quilts of Valor presentation for some veterans in the audience.


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