PSU students reflect on first semester during pandemic

Psu Student Discusses Going To College During A Pandemic


PITTSBURG, Ks. – Campus was looking a bit bare on Thursday as PSU students prepared to go home for Thanksgiving break. But the ones who were around weren’t shy when it came to discussing their first semester during a pandemic.

“It was a tough semester to start out. There were less breaks and there were accommodations that had to be made the entire way. I’d say the university did a pretty fantastic job at controlling the situation,” said PSU senior Tyler Webb.

“The school itself has done a great job on keeping us up to date on what’s going with numbers in the county. Overall, I haven’t felt unsafe while I’ve been here,” said PSU senior Wade Hand.

“For me personally, I think the university did quite a good job. I had professors who were really helpful in making sure I would stay safe. I am someone who is high risk,” said PSU senior Erin Kruse.

PSU junior Peyton Williams also says the college did a good job protecting people on campus from the Coronavirus, but was one of the few students to offer some advice. He’d like to see the university get a bit stricter on rule enforcement.

“A few teachers I’ve seen walk by a couple of students on campus, and just let them slide by without their masks on. They should just give them a ‘heads up.’ Everybody should speak up and do their part,” said Williams.

But Peyton and all the students who spoke to KOAM agree that the university is making the right move having students finish the semester online following Thanksgiving.

“Everybody’s going home, seeing all their family. Who knows who contracted what? And you don’t want the possibility of bringing something back to be spread,” said Williams.