PSU students displaced by the pandemic receive CARES Act emergency grants

​The money comes from the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.
Psu Cares Act Funds

PITTSBURG, Ks. – Sophomore Abby Noble was excited to find out she was eligible for grant money that would help her after being displaced due to the pandemic

“This summer I applied for the CARES Act money and I was like well the worst thing they could do is tell me no, so then I got an email a month or so later saying I got it and I was like oh that’s sweet I’ll just put it in my savings and then I got an email a couple days ago that I got more money and so I read it and I was like wow that’s really neat the college put back money to give to those of us that were quarantined or had COVID affect our lives.”

​The money comes from the CARES Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Fund.

Pittsburg State University applied for the fund in the summer and was approved.

$2,659,385.00 has been distributed to eligible students since.

“They had to have been enrolled in spring semester and displaced. They couldn’t have been a fully enrolled online student from the very beginning because they were not displaced because of the pandemic, so these students could use these funds for whatever they felt necessary whether it be upgrading a laptop or like I said if they had to install Wi-Fi in their home or buy any additional supplies or anything like that​” said Director of Financial Assistance, Tammy Higgins.

For Abby, she put her funds into her savings and used it for rent.

“I put it towards my rent and towards my classes which was nice because I wasn’t working during that time.”

Funds were distributed in three phases…first to Pell Grant students who were automatically eligible, and second and third phases to students who applied and were found to be eligible.

“I think we had around 24-2500 students that received the funding” added Higgins.

$800 went to full time students and 400 went to part time students in each phase, with leftover funds being distributed amongst all applicants.

“We tried to unilaterally share the rest of the funds equally among the students” added Higgins.