PSU nursing students make history

PSU nursing students make history

“I was nervous, but I was confident that I learned everything I needed to know to pass,” said PSU nursing school student Stormy Carter.

And pass the Family Nurse Practitioners National Board Certification test she did, along with every other member of the first group of students enrolled in the BSN to DNP program at Pitt State’s Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing.

BSN to DNP stands for “Bachelor of Science in Nursing to Doctor in Nursing Program and completing it allows nurse practitioners to practice a more advanced level of nursing.

“The certification exam allows a nurse to practice in all 50 states. So this has shown that we have competency in assessment, planning, diagnosing, and interventions,” said Carter.

The BSN to DNP program took its first batch of students back in 2016, and while Stormy Carter isn’t one to brag, the fact that she and every other student in her group passed and with above average test scores, remains impressive.

“There are schools all across the nation that try to achieve an 80% pass rate, and for a school that is offering a new program to achieve 100% on the first try is really amazing,” said the director of the Irene Ransom Bradley School of Nursing, Cheryl Giefer.

These future nurse practitioners haven’t graduated yet, but their hard work is already paying off. The students have 6-figure job offers,waiting for them after they get their diploma. But does that mean Stormy is headed for the big city?

“I enjoy taking care of rural patients and my goal is to continue to serve the population here,” said Carter.