PSU creates new council dedicated to diversity

Psu Student Graduating


PITTSBURG, Ks. – With protests for racial justice taking place across the country, PSU President Steve Scott decided it was time for the college to reexamine its commitment to diversity and inclusivity, and ultimately strengthen it.

“Given the events and incidents across this nation, I think everybody’s got to really reflect on where they are and ask, ‘Are we doing enough?’ And I came to the conclusion that we have to better and we have to do more,” said Scott.

And PSU is doing more by rebuilding their university diversity council from the ground up.

The college has formed a new Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council which will include students, staff, and faculty.

Deatrea Rose is PSU’s Director of Student Diversity Programs and she’ll also be leading the new council.

“We try to get someone from pretty much every corner of the campus community so that we can create buy-in on campus and a sense of of ownership,” said Rose.

The first thing on the council’s agenda is getting the people of PSU to complete a campus climate survey so the council can identify areas where diversity and inclusivity can be improved.

“It’s basically climate type questions: Do you feel welcome on campus? Do you feel that you are respected in your beliefs and religion? Do you feel like there’s access on campus in certain places,” said Rose.

Scott and Rose also hope the work done by the new council will ultimately strengthen the community and the country as students graduate and go out into the world.

“These are very formative years when you look at 18-year-olds 22-year-olds and they can create some great habits,” said Scott.