Pronto Pharmacy closes locations suddenly, sells to Wallgreens

Image of closed sign on Pronto Pharmacy

JASPER COUNTY, Mo. – Pronto Pharmacy locations in Joplin and Webb City close suddenly after being sold to Walgreens.

Mike Stuart, who owned Pronto Pharmacy, says thank you to all of their loyal customers, patients and employees. He was not able to notify customers or 10 to 15 employees due to a current contract.

Stuart says it’s a saturated field and you have to remain profitable. He told KOAM that there are market conditions that make it difficult for locally owned pharmacies. When he went in to renew his lease, he started to look at the profit. That was part of his decision to sell.

Pronto Pharmacy transferred all prescriptions last night (Jan. 15) to Wallgreens, which now also has all patient records.

KOAM reached out to Walgreens and received the following:

“Walgreens has entered into an agreement with Pronto Pharmacy to acquire the pharmacy prescription files from their pharmacies in Joplin and Webb City. The transaction was finalized today, and customers’ pharmacy files were automatically transferred to the nearby Walgreens stores located at  3222 S Main in Joplin, MO and 1011 Macarthur Dr in Webb City, MO, respectively.

Customers were notified of this change, and received letters to let them know that their files were transferred to this store location. They also received information about the new services available to them as Walgreens customers.”