Professional panel discusses human trafficking in Joplin

JPL holds human trafficking panel
Professional panel discusses human trafficking in Joplin
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A group of health care professionals, law enforcement, and victims advocates raise awareness of human trafficking.

The Joplin Public Library put on a panel discussion today.

Officials with Rapha House, Life Choices, Ascension Via Christi and Joplin Police were on hand to answer questions about human trafficking.. the signs.. and how people can help.

According to RISE, a local coalition working to fight trafficking in southwest Missouri — there were *571* cases in the region in 2017 — with *66* from Joplin specifically.

Andy Blair, Joplin Police Department: “Joplin has it. We have human trafficking in our area. The awesome side of that is, we’re working hard to combat it. And it’s not just the police department, it’s the community, it’s the coalition, it’s all of us as a group.”

Karolyn Schrage, Exec. Dir., Life Choices:”Aawareness on human trafficking really helps everyone to have that collaborative response, to know what those red flags indicators are, so we know how to see something, and say something.”

The panel took place in conjunction with an exhibit at the library called “Welcome to the Game: Human Trafficking in America” by Neosho artist Sarah Serio.


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