Professional eater takes on Judy’s Triple Cheeseburger Challenge.

JASPER, Mo. – A professional food eater came to the Four-States to test his talents in Jasper, Missouri.

If you’re one of Randy Santel’s 1.3 million YouTube subscribers you already know his work. He travels the country taking on eating challenges at restaurants.

He stopped at Judy’s Truck Stop in Jasper to take on Judy’s Triple Cheeseburger Challenge. In the past he’s indulged in massive seafood platters, 40 tacos, and a monster philly cheesesteak.

“Well the big kind of fun with everything in the early days was it was a fun motivation to keep on exercising,” said Santel. “Because I knew that if I kept on doing challenges and didn’t exercise I would get like I am now. But now it’s because I do so many food challenges.”

Santel did finish the triple burger. It took him about 15 minutes. You can try it yourself at Judy’s on north 14th Street in Jasper, Missouri.