Professional eater makes stop in Pittsburg

PITTSBURG, Kan. – “Aggressively enjoy it I call it.”

That’s how professional eater Randy Santel describes his line of work.

On Sunday, the foodie continued his four-state tour at the Kansas Crossing Casino in Pittsburg and took on the Brutus Buster Burger Challenge.

“It is pretty much a burger and a sandwich, but I’ll have thirty minutes to finish, there are two beef patties, there is six ounces of their brisket which I think is what they’re most known for here, there is six ounces of pulled pork, and then all that along with bacon is surrounded by, well, first of all, there’s two grilled cheeses buns, and then it’s all surrounded by fries which are topped with their queso sauce and then chili,” the eater said.

And he finished, in just thirteen minutes and fifty-three seconds.

It’s what drew in fans like Landon Yockey, who wanted to see him beat the casino’s record. 

And while Santel didn’t beat the seven-minute time, he still earned himself a place on the wall of fame

“We’ve been fans for a while and I saw he was gonna be in Pittsburg Kansas and we came to watch him dominate this food challenge,” Yockey said.

While Santel knows his way around food, with over one thousand wins, he’s decided to take things another step further.

“Well actually I’m in the process of becoming a registered dietician, so I’m moving up to Milwaukee Wisconsin to finish off everything for that, in about 2024 I will retire from professional eating and I’ll become a registered dietician.”

He added that because of his following from his run in professional eating, he can be one of the most followed dieticians in the world.

“And so then I’ll be able to use all my social media to help people better understand fundamental nutrition and then weight management. you get a lot of experience eating all of these calories,” Santel said.