Professional baseball won’t happen this year in Joplin

Professional baseball won’t happen this year in Joplin

Joplin’s latest professional baseball team the Joplin Miners, named by residents, will not be playing at Joe Becker Stadium this summer.

“Mark Schuster has confirmed that they won’t be making payment on the lease for Joe Becker today. At this point, it’s highly unlikely that there will be professional baseball at Becker this summer. We are disappointed to learn this after working hard to put our best foot forward,” says City Manager Sam Anselm.

Mark Schuster is with the Southwest League of Professional Baseball, the league bringing in the Miners. Joplin officials approved the league to lease Joe Becker Stadium early last year. The league’s hopes were to have its six team league, Joplin and five from Texas, in place and ready to play in 2019.

However, the league will not be making its payment on the lease.

The City of Joplin has not commented on what’s next, if anything, for the Joplin Miners.