Pro-Life supporters rally in Lamar

New legislation explained
Pro-Life supporters rally in Lamar

More than one hundred people turned out at a Rally for Life held at the Memorial Auditorium in Lamar, Missouri.

The pro-life rally also served as a fundraiser for Life Choices Medical Services.
Members of several church congregations gathered for the annual right to life event. Politicians at the pro life rally included Representative Ann Kelley and Senator Ed Emery. Sen. Emery said a few bills are proposed for the Missouri legislature including the heartbeat bill. It would deny an abortion if a heartbeat can be detected in the fetus. Another bill says if the fetus can feel pain it cannot be aborted.

Sen. Emery said the event unites those determined to end abortion. He said, “They are very concerned about babies that are not allowed to even exit the womb but are killed in the womb. And so this is a rally just to be reminded that there’s a lot of people that really believe that those lives are important.”