President Trump approves Missouri disaster declaration for 20 counties

Declaration includes Jasper county
President Trump approves Missouri disaster declaration for 20 counties

President Donald Trump today approved Missouri’s request for a major disaster declaration in 20 counties including Jasper.

Prior to the declaration, any assistance was governed by the state, and the county had to meet certain damage dollars to receive assistance, but with the federal declaration, it opens the door to homeowners and renters. Keith Stammer, Jasper County Emergency Manager says “An individual who’s home was damaged or destroyed may well find help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the caveat of course is, it’s net of insurance, so you’ll want to talk to them individually.”

What that means, is, whatever your insurance didn’t take care of, FEMA may be able to assist with. That includes certain medical expenses, temporary housing, like a hotel, cleaning supplies, and in some cases, it could even help with your insurance deductibles. Stammer says “We encourage people to apply as soon as possible, not that there’s limited funds, but it just takes awhile to get the paperwork done.”

Stammer says the federal disaster declaration is beneficial because it gets the support of the federal government behind the residents who suffered loss or damages from the storms and he encourages everyone in the areas affected to apply. “Oft times in these situations there are individuals who did not make an application right after the disaster because they really weren’t sure if they qualified, or maybe they didn’t really know that they had some damage, I would encourage anyone who thinks they may have some type of damage from the storms between April the 29th and July 5th to make application to FEMA.”

Stammer says to make sure you’re up front, honest, and detailed in your application, to help speed up the process.

Stammer says they’re working on establishing a disaster recovery center in Jasper County. A specific location has not yet been set, but he says they hope to have a site picked soon.

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