President Biden to speak today, Jan. 19, at 3:00 pm CST

President Biden Press Conference
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President Joe Biden is holding a news conference today at 3:00 pm CST on his 365th day in office. You can watch the live stream above.


WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden on Wednesday will try to talk anxious Americans through the challenges of delivering on his lengthy to-do list as he holds a rare news conference to mark his first year in office and asks for patience with recent setbacks to his agenda.

In advance of the news conference, set for 4 p.m. EST on his 365th day in office, Biden gave no indication that he felt a reset was in order. But his appearance was playing out on the same day that prolonged Democratic efforts to overhaul the nation’s voter laws appeared set to fail on Capitol Hill and as Biden’s massive social spending package remains stalled.

The East Room event will offer Biden an opportunity to spotlight his accomplishments before a national audience.

Biden’s approval rating has fallen sharply over his first year in office and Democrats are bracing for a potential midterm rout if he can’t turn things around.