Presentation made on changes with veteran benefits

Some veterans could be missing out on assistance
Presentation made on changes with veteran benefits
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If you’re a veteran there’s a chance with recent VA changes, you and even your spouse may be missing out on some financial assistance.

In October of 2018, there were several changes to the VA pension benefit meaning some veterans and their spouses, or surviving spouses, if the veteran has already passed away, could be eligible for benefits they didn’t know about. Attorney Christopher Dumm says “One of the biggest changes is the three year look back, so if you’re going to do planning, you need to get out in front of the timeline, and also, some of the asset limitations have been increased.”

So that’s why the Wildwood Senior Community has teamed up with attorney Christopher Dumm, to host sessions for veterans and their spouses about financial benefits they may be able to get, which could help those looking for assisted living facilities. Cody Goins, Director of Senior Living says “This just could be the thing that pushes them financially over the edge, so to speak, so that they can afford to live in a senior living community.”

Cody Goins is the Director of Senior Living at Wildwood, and he knows facilities like this one, do more than just provide a roof over their heads. Goins says “We want to not only make sure that they’re getting nutritious meals, but it’s more than just a meal for us, this is somewhere that they can come and get the social aspect of their life back.”

Christopher Dumm works with veterans in helping them with their benefits on a daily basis, now he’s letting his clients and the community know about the changes. Dumm says “Sometimes it’s ‘gosh I wish I was in here five years ago, the other response is ‘well let’s get moving and get planning so that we can qualify for these benefits as soon as possible.”

Both Dumm and Goins hope more veterans and their spouses will take a minute to look at their benefits to ensure they’re getting the care, and financial assistance, they deserve.

The Wildwood Senior Community and Christopher Dumm are hosting another session this Saturday. The session starts at 10:00am, space is limited, to RSVP, you can call the Wildwood Senior Community at 417-623-2233.

Christopher Dumm is a VA certified attorney and can help with benefits, for more information, click the following link: