Precision installs temporary antenna on KOAM’s 1,000-foot tower

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Kan. – Tower crews are installing a temporary antenna today on KOAM’s 1,000-foot tower. It’s part of the continued More Power project.

The FCC approved KOAM-TV and KFJX-TV (FOX14) to increase the station’s transmitter power and antenna strength. There are several elements to this project, which could take until the end of June 2022 to complete (weather pending).

Part of the project is to take down the shorter, 500-foot tower. The crew from Precision Communications (out of Grove, OK) has taken all but about 100 feet down as of today, May 12, 2022.

Next, comes the temporary antenna. They are installing it today about 760-ish feet up the 1,000-foot tower. This is in preparation for taking down the two main antennas at the very top. While those main antennas are down… we still want to output a signal until they get the new antennas up. Hence, the temporary antenna.

Tower Crew Installs Temporary Antenna On 1000 Foot Tower

The tower crew installs a temporary antenna on the 1,000-foot tower

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There have been a few delays during the project. The obvious one is our 4-State weather. Storms and high winds keep the crew grounded.

The other delay comes with the fact that the Precision Communications crew provides 24-hour Emergency Off Air Burn Out services. Sometimes, they have to travel for emergency situations like one in Oklahoma this spring.

Temporary Antenna On 1000 Foot Tower

KOAM’s More Power Project

Director of Engineering, William Vickery says, “The KOAM power will be increased from 14.8 kilowatts to 98.8 kilowatts and the power for KFJX will be increased from 5.6 kilowatts to 45.1 kilowatts.” The project will also add vertical polarization. What does that mean? To simplify it, it will help the signal get through walls and help your antenna pick it up.

You can learn more about the project, see the historical 1953 video, current drone video and an interactive Livestream at

About Precision Communications

Precision Communications (i.e. PCI), began its operations on March 1, 1993, and is located in Grove, OK.

“As our reputation grew, so did our company. PCI’s staff maintains a combined experience in the broadcast industry of over 150 years, with many individual employees having 20+ years experience. PCI is a major leader in the TV broadcast Industry, providing Antenna and Tower Services ranging from 24 hour Emergency Off Air Burn Out, Tower Erections, Inspections, Modifications, Upgrades, and Basic Maintenance. To learn more about PCI or to request a quote, visit our website at”