PostSecret tour makes stop in Miami

Project encourages you to share secrets
PostSecret tour makes stop in Miami
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The man behind the PostSecret project makes a stop at Miam’s NEO A&M campus.

Frank Warren started PostSecret around 15 years ago with a basic concept. Warren says “I invited strangers to write down a secret on a postcard, something they had never told anyone before, and to mail it to my home, not knowing what to expect, and now, here I am with over a million confessions, it’s a ton of secrets, one postcard at a time.”

Warren says he discovered that many people, especially young people, bottle up their secrets, which he says can be very unhealthy. Warren says “You keep a secret inside of you it feels like this wall that separates you from others, but if we can find a way to let them out, to a priest, to a counselor, to a parent, to a lover, on a postcard, that allows you to take that first and second and third step in reconciling with that part of yourself that you’re hiding.”

And for students like Wyatt Chuckluck, it’s an opportunity to help themselves. Chuckluck says “Just learn from other people and see what I can change in my life and just go from there.”

Warren says social media plays a key part in the world of post secret, but he says it’s one that demonstrates the need for the post secret project. Warren says “I think there’s a lot of sharing that happens online, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, but, sometimes, that sharing is not really about revealing yourself as much as it is about projecting an image.”

Warren hopes that through post secret, people of all ages, will be able to share a secret, and in the process, reveal their true selves to others around them. Warren also says that through post secret he raises money for suicide awareness and has generated more than $1,000,000 in donations to fight suicide nationwide.