Pornography investigation at Joplin High School

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Joplin School District officials and the Joplin Police Department are investigating incidents involving pornography at the high school.
They say students were sharing nude photographs through the on-line storage system “drop-box”.
Some of those photos could be of students.
Principal Kerry Sacheta says “We don’t really know how many students are involved right now. It’s hard to tell. We questioned about 5 or 6 students. And they gave us information to help us give to the Joplin police department. As far as victims, we’re not sure. These pictures, we believe, were accessed by cell phones. We’ve shut off all accessibility inside our network, to the dropbox app so kids can’t get to that. And our goal is to assist the police in whatever way we can to get this stopped.”
The Joplin Police Department confirms that no arrests have been made at this time.