Porch Pirates: Pittsburg Police release tips for shoppers

Porch Pirates Pittsburg Police Release Tips For Shoppers
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PITTSBURG, Kan. – Some 4-state residents have already reported porch pirate incidents. Police release a statement encouraging mindfulness during the online holiday shopping season.

The Pittsburg Police Department wants to let the community in on the best ways to secure packages delivered to doorsteps.

Porch pirates steal tens of thousands of packages across the nation every year. To avoid falling prey to porch pirates the PPD recommends taking the following precautions:

  • request that your package has a signature confirmation upon delivery.
  • have packages held at the post office for pickup
  • arrange your delivery to a friend or family member who will be home
  • have your package delivered to your work
  • set up notifications to track your packages and retrieve them on lunch breaks
  • ask your carrier to place the package in an area out of view
  • purchase a secure box that allows packages to be placed and secured with a lock

Doorbell cameras can also deter potential theft, or in the event of a theft, can aid in the investigation.

If you see suspicious activity, report to the Pittsburg Police Department by calling dispatch at 620-231-1700, or leave an anonymous tip at 620-231-8477.