Poll Workers: The People Behind the Process

Stop by any poll worker training session and you'll see democracy in action.

Tomorrow is Election Day, which means those who haven’t exercised their right to vote will have one final chance to fulfill their civic duty.

With a huge turnout expected at polling locations and extra precautions against COVID-19 in place, county clerks across the country knew early on that they were going to need extra help.

Fortunately, the push for recruiting more assistance was met with an overwhelming response.

One organization that focuses recruitment — Power the Polls — was aiming to get 250,000 Americans signed up. They surpassed that number by almost 300%.

National companies like Target and Old Navy are paying employees who serve as poll workers.

Here in the 4-states, an example of that surge in numbers can be found in Jasper County.

“I did a PSA a couple months ago and we had a very large turnout,” recalls County Clerk Charlie Davis. “As a matter of fact, there was a time when we were worried that we weren’t going to have enough poll workers for this election. Well not only do we have enough poll workers, we have about a hundred that we can call from, 50 we’re using and that gives us about another 50 that we’re going to be able to call up if we need to.”

Davis tells us that given the nature of this year, tomorrow is an opportunity for new and familiar faces to lend a hand in implementing the democratic process.

“The community has absolutely stepped up to the plate,” said Davis. “Regardless of party affiliation, everybody all across the broad spectrum has decided that they want to participate in helping the election in any way they can.”

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