Polka party and history lesson in Franklin

People listen to polka music and its local history in Franklin, Kansas

There’s no shortage of passionate polka players and fans here in the 4-State area, and that could bee seen at the Miner’s Hall Museum in Franklin, Kansas on Sunday.

They were there to listen to the history of the accordion and polka music. Accordion and polka were the original music brought to Southeast Kansas by immigrants who worked the coal mines.

The audience heard the lineage of the accordion, button box, and the bands of that time.

“We don’t want to lose our heritage because polka music and accordion especially, was a primary function of fun for when these hard working coal miners got off work. They wanted to dance. They wanted to get up and have some fun, and the first instrument they used was the accordion,” said T.J. Knoll, the museum’s music exhibit coordinator.

This was the first time the Miners Hall Museum held their polka and accordion program.