Police: “We will help you get to treatment, or to prison.”

We Will Help You Get To Treatment Or To Prison
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AURORA, Mo. – Authorities make several arrests seizing several grams of drugs and paraphernalia in the Aurora-Marionville community.

Police officers removed more than 100 grams of illegal marijuana, several grams of methamphetamine, distribution equipment and drug paraphernalia. According to the Police Department, they did arrest suspects who are considered innocent until proven guilty in court. Police are still investigating.

The Aurora-Marionville Police Department also has a message for those struggling with addiction,

“We remind everyone, there are services available if you are struggling. One person arrested that was actively ingesting methamphetamine was knowingly 4 months pregnant. People, that’s unacceptable. If drug addiction is part of your life, it’s time to re-examine where you want your life to be long term. We will help you get to treatment, or to prison. It’s your choice. You can be better.”