Update: 3-year-old Duenweg boy now in state custody

Child Found Safe Graphic
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DUENWEG, Mo. – A 3-year-old reported missing is now in state custody.

The Jasper County Emergency Services sent an email out today, Jan. 4, 2022, about missing Jaxton Lee Price. However, the poster attached from the Duenweg Police Department states he’s been missing since November 18, 2021.

According to the Duenweg Police Department, the father lives in Duenweg. The boy is from Douglas County, Missouri. The father has had the child since Nov. 18.

Family and child services since then have been trying to contact the father to check on the child. They didn’t hear from him.

The Duenweg Chief of Police says their department was not aware of a missing child until children’s services told them this morning that it’s a missing child. Their officers were called by welfare services to go check on the child.

The child is okay and now in the custody of the state of Missouri.