Police Offer Halloween Safety Tips

Police Offer Halloween Safety Tips

Many are looking forward to a fun filled Halloween but there are some dangers that come with trick or treating. Police ask residents to play it safe when walking from house to house tomorrow night.
Ghosts and vampires may make you scream but Joplin police say there are some real dangers to trick or treating. Of course kids will want the best costume but certain accessories are better left at home
“Masks would cut down on visibility at night, it would cut down on your peripheral vision so if you are walking out in the street it might make it harder for you to see a car that is coming towards you,” says Corporal John Isenmann with the Joplin Police Department.
Face paint is a better option.
Trick or treating can be chaotic so some parents add something to their child’s costume to separate them in a crowd of superheroes and princesses.
“Usually a balloon or something bright so I can spot them if they do get into a crowd of kids,” says Joplin resident Katie Baker.
“We have a big flashlight that we have for him to hold that glows, and there’s even a whistle on it just in case I can’t find him,” adds Lacey Santillan.
Joplin police warn parents that children are more than twice more likely to get hit by a car and die on Halloween than any other night but reducing that risk is easy by staying on sidewalks and crossing at corners or in the crosswalk.
“Make sure they’re not darting out in between cars that are parked and when they do cross, make sure that the driver does see them, that they have eye contact with them before they start crossing that way they know the driver sees them,” says Isenmann.
Parents should have a pre-planned route, especially for teenagers going out alone, and should stay in familiar neighborhoods.
The number 1 priority will be getting the most candy but trick or treaters should only go to houses that have lights on. Parents should check to make sure candy hasn’t been tampered with before it’s enjoyed.
Police say popular trick or treating hours are 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and that the driving public should slow down and be cautious during that time.