Police find help for man who suffered mental episode at Caney City Hall

CANEY, Kan. – Police in Caney, Kansas detail Tuesday’s incident involving a man who suffered a mental episode at City Hall, which also houses the Police Department. Authorities were able to locate friends who transported him for treatment.

On October 27, 2020, a man entered the building and tried to break into both the Police and City Clerk’s entry doors, which were locked for security purposes. Authorities say he reached inside a window barrier trying to grab items and removed items from lobby walls, throwing them outside.

An officer responded and was able to speak with the man for a short time. He was detained just for safety purposes. Officers contacted a local mental health group, who according to the Police Department, refused to evaluate the man. Officers, “were told that the man did not qualify for a mental health evaluation, given the circumstances,” according the CPD release.

Officers continued trying to get help for the man. They got ahold of some of his friends who agreed to pick him up and take him to a treatment facility in Oklahoma. The man was released to his friends who transported him for treatment.

“If you should encounter someone having a mental episode, please contact Law Enforcement immediately. We will do our best to get the person the help they need and deserves,” stated a release from Police Chief Kevin Kitterman.