Pittsburg’s economy makes progress recovering from pandemic

Terri Mcthompson Helps A Customer With Pool Supplies


PITTSBURG, Ks. – Pittsburg City Manager Daron Hall says there are many indicators that the city’s economy is recovering from the pandemic, but the most tangible one might be Pittsburg’s tax revenue when compared to a year ago.

“We just got the latest (numbers) and they’re actually about 13% now for the year, so they’re way up which is obviously a good problem to have if you’re in the business of running a city,” said Hall.

Hall also says the city’s numerous job offerings and strong economy are bringing more people to town.

“The unemployment (rate) is about 3.1 or 3.2% which is really full employment for a community our size. And then we continue to take calls from people that are looking to open businesses in town which is always nice. And then we have what’s about to become probably our fourth residential development take off,” said Hall.

Teri McThompson is a Pittsburg business owner whose business, Splash Pool and Patio, is doing well this summer. But unlike many other businesses, the pandemic didn’t sink her ship last year.

“We were still busy, very busy. A lot of people went out and bought pools so that they could stay at home because that was going to be their entertainment instead of traveling,” said McThompson.

Teri says many of those new pool owners are now returning customers, but that doesn’t mean the pandemic created nothing but smooth sailing for her business.

“You know, where I used to be able to get things overnight, now it’s taking up to a week to get the stuff just because freight drivers are in demand and stuff like that,” said McThompson.

And like many other employers across the country, Teri’s have a tough time hiring a full staff.

But with all the new customers she’s gained during the pandemic, Teri thinks this year might a bit better than the one before and is happy to be among Pittsburg’s many business owners who are still standing after a difficult year.

“I mean, I know it’s going to work itself out in the long run so we just got to hang in there and get through ’21 now,” said McThompson.