Pittsburg’s City Hall enhance security

A strong smell of fresh paint takes over Pittsburg’s CityHall. It’s just one part of renovations currently underway.

City leaders examined 21 of its public buildings after Kansas lawmakers voted to allow conceal and carry into public places.

Public buildings in Pittsburg are exempt from the law,but that exemption will expire in 2014, so security enhancements are being put into place now.

“The security plan here pointed out some things we needed to do, and it aligned with the customer service approach, so we went ahead and implemented it,” said Pittsburg City Hall Manager Daron Hall.

City hall has many offices inside including the public works department and the utility billing division.

The city manager wants a one stop shop for customers.

“If there’s one central desk we have a chance at giving them better customer service,” said Hall.

“I think it will be good for customers. They have one location for everything to meet their needs,” said City Employee Sarah Shipman.

Some employees will take on new roles as the changes are being made.

“It’s going to be an addition to us, a little more workload, but we can handle it. We have a great team up here,” saidShipman.

After final improvements are finished, only two of the four entrances will be accessible to the public.

No one will have access to the public works department unless escorted down.

“There’s been a couple of times when people have walked through our building, not that they are looking to do anything malicious, or anything like that, but it’s scary to look up and have someone appear in an area they shouldn’t be in,” PublicWorks Director Bill Beasley.