Pittsburg woman has ‘angel’ enter her life

Police officer goes above and beyond to help
Pittsburg woman has ‘angel’ enter her life
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A woman in Pittsburg, falls down her stairs, and emergency responders come to her aid. But one of those responding, wanted to do more.

Officer Pamela McCubbin has been with the Pittsburg Police Department for six years now. She’s a patrol officer and also a DARE instructor. But Wednesday morning, would bring a new challenge. Norma Matzenbacher had fallen down at her home twice in one day. Officer McCubbin knew that, so did EMS, so they all decided no matter what, they’d get her to the hospital. Officer Pamela McCubbin says “Miss Norma had other plans, she says she’s stubborn, she means it, and I told her, I said, I’m stubborn too and you need to go to the hospital, so she, she refused.”
Norma Matzenbacher says “I recall telling here that she’d have to get a tow truck to get me out of my house.”

So, Officer McCubbin got her some water, made sure she was okay at home, and left. But, something was bothering the officer. McCubbin says “Fast forward to the next day on Thursday, I didn’t have to work, but I had not been able to talk to Norma, so I didn’t know if she had gotten any better or if she still needed help or if EMS was still helping her anything like that, so after I dropped the kids off at school, I just drove over to her house, knocked on the door, scared the heck of her, she didn’t recognize me, not a lot of people do outside of uniform.” Matzenbacher says “I’m coming from my bedroom to my living room and there’s someone knocking at my front door and I opened the door, and I don’t know who this is, it’s a little short woman, and she says ‘do you know me?’ and I said ‘no’, and she said ‘I’m the police officer that was out here yesterday.”

Officer McCubbin came in,re-heated Norma’s coffee from earlier in the day, and brought out some donuts. From there, a new friendship began to blossom. McCubbin says “She wanted to talk, and I said, ok, whatever you want to talk about, and her number one pick was the Kansas City Chiefs, and Patrick Mahomes, and I saw all 30 some pictures she has of Patrick Mahomes and, she asked me if I knew Lenny Dawson, and I said yes Miss Norma, I know who Len Dawson is.”

They spoke for a couple of hours, before officer McCubbin had to go. But, they created an unbreakable bond. Matzenbacher says “It has restored my faith in humanity.”

And Norma says Officer McCubbin has a very special place in her heart. Matzenbacher says “And I told her God was taking care of me through her, and I still look at her that way, that she was sent here for a purpose.”

Both Norma and Officer McCubbin say they also want to express their sincere appreciation to the EMS workers who also helped the day that Norma fell.