Pittsburg supports KDOT’s plans for 4th Street overpass

Pittsburg supports KDOT’s plans for 4th Street overpass

At their most recent meeting, Pittsburg city commissioners approved the donation of a parcel of city land by the 4th Street overpass that KDOT will need to build a new bridge.

“It’s dedicated as right of way for the public use there, and it’s to allow for the side slopes of the embankment to go out there into the park,” said Pittsburg Public Works Director Cameron Alden.

The new overpass will be much more spacious, with 3 vehicle lanes, an added foot and a half of clearance space for trains traveling underneath, and something special for pedestrians.

“The way it was initially set up, I don’t think it had much consideration for the pedestrian traffic. With this, there will be a 10 foot wide trail on the north side that will help connect Schlanger Park to the downtown area over there, so you’ll have a lot more improved access,” said Alden.

KDOT says replacing the overpass, which is around 50 years old, is a safety precaution, but that doesn’t mean current commuters should feel unsafe using it.

“The bridge is in good condition so there’s no fear of it failing, but it’s not something that we want to leave out there for 10 or 15 years and wait for it to fall down,” said Alden.

KDOT will open the project up to construction bids in September, and hopes work will kick off in spring of 2020. They estimate the overpass replacement project will cost around 5.7 million dollars to complete. And they want commuters to know, they plan on keeping traffic flowing over the tracks, as the project is completed.