Pittsburg student to test constitutional knowledge in state contest

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Pittsburg High School student Owen Miller is off to Manhattan, Kansas for the American Legion Oratorical Contest.

The local American legion is helping fund his trip. The contest is intended to help students develop knowledge of and a deeper appreciation for the U.S. constitution.

“I did have competition at districts so, that was a lot of fun,” said Miller. “But I kind of automatically won here at Pittsburg since I was the only person who entered so not a lot of people at our High School was really aware that this was happening, which to me was kind of disappointing. These people are my friends who would enter, would be the people I’d really enjoy competing against.”

The national competition was cancelled this year, but the prize money was split up and given to states for their contests. Owen could get nearly $6,000 dollars if he wins on March 13.