Pittsburg State University ROTC conducts annual “9/11 Patriot Day Rememberance”

PITTSBURG, Kan –Pittsburg State University held their own 9/11 tribute this morning at Carnie Smith Stadium. 

Cadets took turns reading the names of 2977 killed in the attacks, including an additional 65 who died from injuries.

They also fired a canon 4 times, one for each plane that crashed. 

“Gonna fire the cannon to memorialize when the towers were hit, and also the pentagon getting hit, and then the crash of flight ninety-three that the passenger so courageously looks down to prevent more loss of life,” said Lieutenant Colonel Charles Custello. 

The lieutenant colonel says they take part in this every year to educate those on Pittsburg State’s campus, who may be too young to remember 9/11.