Pittsburg State students choose summer session for convenience, class topics


For many decades, students enrolled in summer classes at Pittsburg State University were likely to be teachers who used summer classes to maintain or enhance their certification. Today, PSU officials say, students enroll in summer classes for a wide variety of reasons, including convenience, the type of classes offered or as a way to advance more quickly to earn their degree.

“We have more than 430 classes scheduled for the summer sessions and 137 of those are online,” said Melinda Roelfs, director of PSU’s Office of Admission.

Roelfs said convenience is a big factor for some students.

“We have two summer sessions – one in June and one from June 30 through July 25,” Roelfs said. “That means you can complete many courses in less than four weeks. There are also a number of more intensive intersession or short courses that are taught over just a couple of days.”

Roelfs said that many students seem to like the more relaxed atmosphere of summer classes. She said other students use the summer classes as a way to speed up graduation day or to pick up a class or two that they just haven’t been able to fit into their regular schedule.

PSU’s 2014 summer session begins on Monday, June 2. For more information, including a complete list of summer classes and enrollment information, visit the PSU summer school website at www.pittstate.edu/summer or call the Office of Admission at 620-235-4251.

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