Pittsburg State students bringing awareness to alumni donations

Some students at Pittsburg State are showing their appreciation to alumni for their generous support on campus and in the classroom.

“Thank A Gorilla” – or TAG – is a first for the university.

Nearly every bench, statue, building or classroom funded by private donations are being “tagged” by students.

Senior Alex Rausch hopes “tagging” them will bring awareness to the generosity of the alumni.

“We are basically wanting to educate our student body on what the alumni does for us through the private donations and scholarships and funds,” says Rausch. “We want to make them aware that not everything comes from thin air and is here we want them to know people work really hard to ask for donations and to people give of themselves to the university for our betterment.”

Thanks to alumni donations Rausch has received scholarships her past four-years of school. They’ve helped ease the pain of student loans and she’s forever grateful for the help.

Last year $2.5 million was distributed in scholarships to more than 1,000 students through private funds.

Joe Levens is an assistant professor at the School of Construction, as well as an alum and donor to the school. He and his wife started a scholarship fund back in 2005 for students interested in pursuing a construction management degree.

“It’s just a way for us to help the next generation to come along and have the same kind of benefits that we did from help from others and we were in a position that we could offer that assistance,” says Levens.

Levens says he appreciates the students shedding light on the importance of private donations and hopes they too will give back when they become alumni.

The “TAG” event ends Wednesday.

Students with the Advancement Ambassadors program will be passing out “TAG” bracelets on campus to symbolize the number of students who have received privately funded scholarships.