Pittsburg sees success with land bank program

City has best year for program in 2018
Pittsburg city members work remotely
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The city of Pittsburg has sold a record number of properties from their land bank.

The land bank program was started in 2015.. and as we learned the city was able to sell more properties last year than any year since it started — partly because of advertising.

Happy Nails owner John Do says over the last four years, his business has seen a lot of success on Broadway street.

John Do, Happy Nails salon owner:”We are so lucky.. we’ve been really busy, the community’s really friendly and they really support us.”

That success, and his growing passion for the community, are what caused him to buy a building on Broadway from the Pittsburg land bank.

Do:”I hate seeing abandoned buildings, empty unoccupied buildings, especially downtown, so with the block 22 coming out, I think it’s a good opportunity for me.”

That property is just one of nine that the city sold from the land bank in 2018.. marking it their most successful year yet.

Quentin Holmes, Dir., Pittsburg Community Development and Housing :”From the beginning it’s been kind of slow, but here recently over the last six months, it’s really turned on.”

The program was created in 2015 as a way to re-vitalize vacant or tax-delinquent properties in the city.. by clearing whatever may be on it, and selling the land to community members or developers.

But.. in the first three years, they only sold one of those properties.

New director of Pittsburg Community Development and Housing Quentin Holmes says their recent success has been largely because of advertising.. and will be good for the city in the end.

Holmes:”We can take a piece of property that is dilapidated, brings the look of the neighborhood down, we can demo that to have a free and clear lot ready to be built on again.”

A program that Do hopes more business owners like himself will look into.

Do:”This is a very good opportunity for other potential buyers outside.”

There’s currently almost 40 properties in the land bank — and Holmes expects to add ten more this year.