Pittsburg school’s testing policy causes issues for some

PITTSBURG, Kan. -The parking lot of Pittsburg Community Middle School has been more full than usual lately.

It’s not just Middle School students and staff, rather families from all of USD 250 as it has become a testing site for the  school district

“So we got the call on Friday, a little after lunch that she was going to have to be tested until the 14th for the next ten days, or she was to stay home. And on Friday, since it was after lunch, we drove around here. There was already a line. I was like, what’s the point? you know, the day is almost over. So Friday we didn’t get tested,” said Pittsburg parent Richelle Molina.

It’s part of Pittsburg school’s test-to-stay program, where students who were a close contact with a Covid-positive person and want to attend school that week, will need to be tested at the school’s testing site.

But parent’s like Molina say it’s been a challenge.

“They open at 6:30 am. I got here at 6:35 this morning. There was already four lines, so I knew it was going to be an hour and a half plus, and I have three other kids to get ready for USD 250, so I was like, there is no way,” Molina said. 

KOAM reached out to the school district for comment, but were told they were too busy and directed us to a board of education meeting from Monday.

“The other piece is because of the amount of testing that is out there, other entities in our community are either stop testing, and by appointments only, or have run out of tests, so the only place for some of our families to get tested now, is with us,” said a USD 250 board member at Monday’s meeting.

Molina says as a working parent, she doesn’t have the time to wait in line that long.

“I mean, missing two hours, you know, work time just standing in this line.”

Their aren’t too many other options–as the school is not accepting at-home tests as proof of being negative. 

“Thank goodness for at-home tests, but we have already seen false positives and false negatives off of that home test, they are not near as accurate as the antigen test given, and certainly not as accurate at the PCR, which is why we are verifying,” said another USD 250 board member at Monday’s meeting.

The school district says currently their testing site is overwhelmed, as parents like Molina say wait times exceed two hours.

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School Board Meeting on Testing Policy

You can watch the School Board Meeting from January 10, 2022, below, or click here.

1/10/22 USD 250 Board of Education Meeting from Pittsburg Community Schools on Vimeo.