Pittsburg Schools Ask for Community Feedback

Pittsburg Schools Ask for Community Feedback

The Pittsburg School District is working to come up with new plans for facility renovations following a failed $67.6 million school bond. This time, it’s looking to the public for help.

Renovations are needed in USD 250 schools. But before that can be done, the school board wants feedback from the community, learning from the previously failed bond issue.

“This time around we are really trying hard to get information in the hands of our residents, we’re asking them to tell us what we think, and we’ll make a decision based upon that feedback,” says Destry Brown, Superintendent of Pittsburg schools.

An advisory board of 20 different community members was formed to help the school board determine what community members would like to see.

“It needs to pass because there really need to be some changes in our school district. What is more important than our children and our future so I hope that everybody gives us the feedback we need,” says advisory board member Kala Spigarelli.

The potential plan focuses on the critical needs and would cost $30 million.

“What we’re trying to do is make the best decisions for our kids based on our priorities of safety, space, and environment,” says Brown.

The most work would be done at the high school, with upgrades to the heating and air system. All schools will have more space added that will double as storm shelters. These plans do not include a restoration of the old middle school, only small projects to preserve it. The superintendent says there just isn’t enough money in the budget for a complete restoration.

“There are things that will go undone this time, but this should be good for us. I think this would work for about 10 years, this plan could,” says Brown.

Until they’ve heard back from residents, no plans are final.

“The schools are a big part of the community and we want the schools to reflect our community’s wishes,” says Brown.

A brochure outlining the plans will be mailed to Pittsburg residents sometime next week. They can also be viewed online at: http://www.usd250.org/#!facility-plans/d684i

The school board hasn’t taken any action yet, but Brown believes the bond could make it on a ballot in 6 to 8 months.