Pittsburg Residents Will Decide Fate of Street Maintenance Sales Tax at Special Election

Pittsburg Residents Will Decide Fate of Street Maintenance Sales Tax at Special Election

City officials hope Pittsburg residents will renew a quarter cent street maintenance sales tax, a tax residents have been paying for since 2010.

“It amounts to like 25 cents per a $100 worth of spending. But it makes a big difference for the city of Pittsburg,” says Public Works Director Bill Beasley.

The tax is set to expire in March of next year and has funded several projects like the West Fourth Street KLINK resurfacing project being done outside city hall.

“We’re very pleased that we’ve done a recent survey that shows that we’ve gone from 39% streets that we consider acceptable to 50%. So we are making progress. But it’s just going to take time to get them to where we want them to be at,” says Beasley.

City officials say the quarter cent sales tax generates close to a million dollars a year, and without it’d be nearly impossible to fund road improvements.

“We could probably do some pot hole filling. But, you know, a million dollars is a lot to come up with and property tax isn’t really an option. So, we hope get out and support it and look what we’ve done in the last five years too,” says Pittsburg City Manager Daron Hall.

Most of the residents I spoke with said they would support the tax renewal but there were a few against it.

“I think it is worth it because if you want to go down N. Joplin it’s basically like a roller coaster there. So I’d say it’s definitely a yes,” says Pittsburg resident Tyler Ayres.

Pittsburg resident Larry Cobb says “No I don’t believe it. I don’t believe the taxes are going to the highways. I think they’re going somewhere else.

“Yeah I would vote for it just because a lot of these roads I think could be better and if that helps the roads get better than by all means it’s worth it,” says Pittsburg resident Madison Cook.

If the sales tax is not renewed, it will expire at the end of March next year.

A special election for the street maintenance tax will be held on Thursday, September 24th.

I you’d like to vote early, you can find an advanced ballot application on the city’s website.