Pittsburg receives funding to help local businesses and meal programs affected by COVID-19

Local businesses could apply for business support grant for up to $5,000

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Non-essential businesses had to shut their doors due to the Coronavirus pandemic, such as Audacious boutique in Pittsburg. Store owner Sydney Anselmi says having to close from late March to early May was challenging.

“Just that uncertainty of are we going to reopen and how do we move forward from this and how do we recover what we potentially lost in sales during that month. How do we make up for it moving forward?” Anselmi says about having to close her doors.

The city of Pittsburg has received funding from the state through the Community Development Block Grant-Coronavirus program to help local businesses and meal programs affected by the pandemic.


“Some businesses are hit harder than others. And we’re looking to target those businesses that are seriously affected. There’s obvious ones where businesses that rely on people coming together in close proximity — those businesses have been really affected and we’re going to probably try to focus on those businesses first,” says Deputy City Manager Jay Byer.

To be eligible to receive the economic development grant, the recipient business must be a for-profit business and retaining jobs for low to moderate income people in Pittsburg.

With the aid being given out at the local level it’s less of a headache.

“A lot of the federal stuff was super confusing. There was no one you could really ask questions and it being a local grant. Our city hall is accessible. We have people we can talk to about it. We can ask questions and get those answers,” adds Anselmi.

“I think it could make the difference between a business surviving and not. I think it’s very important. We’re trying to piece together a number of different support services and support programs to make sure our businesses keep going,” says Byer.

The business support grants can be used to pay for working capital such as utilities, rent and wages and also inventory.

Businesses that apply and get approved could receive up to $5,000 in funding. Anselmi says any little bit is going to help.

“It’ may not seem like a lot, but at a time where every dollar is mattering or every cent spent goes back into the business to get through this, than I think it is going to make a really big impact for a lot of people,” adds Anselmi.

The application deadline for the Community Development Block-Grant Coronavirus program is August 14, 2020.