Pittsburg professionals discuss human trafficking

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PITTSBURG, Kan. — A human trafficking specialist gives a lesson to local human resource professionals.

Today at noon, the Crawford County Mental Health Center hosted a lunch to talk about human trafficking in the workplace. The lunch featured speaker Adah Hutchcraft, Spiritual Care Specialist, from Ascension Via Christi.   Hutchcraft focused on myths, signs, and stigmas the Human Resource professionals should be aware of.  

“It’s a very hard thing to track and we still know that human trafficking takes place everywhere,” Hutchcraft said. “So, whether you are a stay at home mom or you’re a professional in any environment this is important, because it might be a friend, a family member, as well as a co-worker, a church member, that you could end up helping if you know the red flags to look for.” 

The presentation included useful links to resources and data to show the important of the issue.  

One participant in the presentation, Ashley Stalford, the human resource specialist of Labette Health, said, “In the hospital you would automatically just basically assume everyone that’s coming in that was beat up, or something like that, would be involved in domestic violence. After today that’s definitely not the case and it’s gonna allow me to kind of look more into that and see the sides of human trafficking.”

Hutchcraft stated there is a high chance that every person will come across someone who has suffered from human trafficking within their lifetime.

You can find more resources on human trafficking here.