Pittsburg Post 64 aims to compete in June

American Legion Post 64 baseball team prepares for summer season.

PITTSBURG, Kan. – Like many high school seniors across the nation, spring seasons were cut short.  But some athletes will get a shot to play on the field this summer.

“Obviously not having a season kind of sucked this year, you know, in the spring.  But being able to play with guys normally I’d be playing against — guys I’ve been friends with for other schools, it’s going to be huge just being able to see them and play with them,” says Frontenac senior Alex Johnson.

In a best case scenario, Pittsburg Post 64 is on track to compete in June, barring any unforeseeable issues with COVID-19.  The team’s general manager, Ron Light, says that he wants to make this year for the players, especially those seniors.

“You didn’t get a chance to lead your high school team, now I need you to step up and be the leaders on this team,” adds Light.

The players say they are ready to get back a sense of normalcy.

“Hopefully whenever they see kids out there playing baseball, they’ll see that the world is not so different than what it seems to be sometimes.  And I think that could be a great thing for the community, and us, playing baseball,” says Columbus senior Clay Saporito.

Pittsburg Post 64 has not set try-out or practice dates, but the team will announce those as soon as possible on social media — Facebook page (facebook.com/americanlegionpost64) and Twitter feed (twitter.com/PittPost64BsB).