Pittsburg Police use mobile app to fight crime

Pittsburg Police use mobile app to fight crime

There’s a reason the Pittsburg Police Department is encouraging residents to sign on to the Neighbors app by home security company Ring. It’s already caught a crook.

“Last holiday season, we were approached by a resident of Frontenac who had captured a porch pirate, or a theft of a package from his porch. They shared that Ring video with us, we were able to make an indentification on the suspect, and actually make an arrest on that case,” said Pittburg Police Detective Jordon Garrison.

The free app creates a network where residents can share crime-related information, photos, and videos with each other and local police. But the app is a two-way street, and also allows police to quickly share information with residents.

“We’re able to post crime alerts that we’re aware of. So if we’re aware of a burglary or arson in a specific neighborhood, we can send an alert out to that specific area, and if that falls within your neighborhood, you get alerted,” said Det. Garrison.

And Det. Garrison says that people who might be avoiding the app due to privacy concerns can rest easy.

“Ring protects private information. It doesn’t list your user name or your address with other members of the community. Even with the department, the only time that we would get your contact information is if you send us a video. And we’re not able to access your Ring camera or anything like that,” said Det. Garrison.

If you’re a Pittsburg resident who would like to download the Neighbors app, click here.